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Blue Origin's 'New Glenn Rocket' Found Its New, Shiny & HUGE Mission Control Centre

Blue Origin mission control centre will blow your mind with its huge space and incredible interiors. The centre is built specifically for its New Glenn Rocket.

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Blue Origin, an aerospace company, has completed the production of its mission control centre to monitor the organisation's future launch of the New Glenn rocket. The mission control centre is constructed in Cape Canaveral, Florida for its engineers so that they can do the monitoring work efficiently. Blue Origin has recently shared the video of its vast and spacious centre which is filled with curved table rows and displays which are placed smartly in front of a large screen.

More about Blue Origin mission control centre and its New Glenn Rocket

Blue Origin mission control centre will be directed towards dealing with the functionalities of the New Glenn Rocket. It is located in Blue Origin's New Glenn Rocket Factory in Cape Province which is known for developing exceptional rockets for a past few years. The New Glenn Rocket is expected to be enormously huge with 95 meters [313 feet] of height and it is capable of carrying objects of weight up till 45 metric tons [nearly 100,000 pounds] into the low Earth orbit.

The most alluring feature about New Glenn is that it can be partially reused and it is capable of landing on a floating platform like the sea. The features are similar to Elon Musk's SpaceX program 'Falcon 9 rocket'. 

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The Blue Origin Mission Control video

The Blue Origin Mission Control video was released yesterday on March 11. Many videos have been shared by the aerospace company on the development of its project. According to the reports, the New Glenn Rocket is expected to make its first flight in 2021.

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