High Energy Physicist Dr Swapna Mahapatra's Theory Of Unifying Forces Will Blow Your Mind


High Energy Physicist Dr Swapna Mahapatra thinks that the four fundamental forces/interactions can be unified in a single theory. Find out what she said.

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Dr Swapna Mahapatra is amongst India's most cherished Physicists and professors. The Physicist has excelled in bringing light to many important factors of 'High Energy particles' and is currently working on finding discoveries in unifying the four important and fundamental interactions or forces in high energy atomic science.

Dr Mahapatra has enlightened the world with her vast knowledge in the field by presenting a theory of unification of the matter by taking references from several award-winning discoveries in science.

How did High Energy Physicist Swapna Mahapatra come up with Supergravity theory?

Dr Swapna Mahapatra presented many ideas while talking to a renowned news portal. She revealed her opinions on many things which have helped her in her research to find out how one can create a single unified theory on four fundamental interactions/forces i.e. electromagnetic, weak, strong and gravitational force.

According to the administrative head of the State University of Odisha, to find out the working of the universe, it is important to find a single unified theory that explains all the four forces in one. Due to the technological advancements and the discoveries in science, high energy physicists can see many realities unfolding.

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The discovery of w-boson and z-boson by CERN was a big leap towards the goal of unification. This development helped the high energy physicists to most of its extent as it helped in unifying two of the four forces; electromagnetic force and weak force. The w-boson and z-boson helped in successfully unifying the two forces as 'electroweak force'.

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Dr Swapna Mahapatra joined the movement to find out if all the forces can be unified or not. The most spine-tingling thing for this Indian genius was the Grand Unified Theory which is also known as GUT where three fundamental interactions can be unified and she kept working on it.

However, her main aim is to find out if gravity can be incorporated in the same as this will present the supergravity theory. Her motivation is the fact that to observe the mass of w-boson and z-boson particles, one needs Higgs particles to assist which experimentally verifies the theory of the three.

GUT still has a long way to go but merging these interactions seems the High Energy Physicist, Dr Mahapatra as an attainable goal but merging gravity remains a mystery. The genius believes in science and hopes that soon the Theory of Supergravity will be a reality.

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