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Instagram Adds 'let's Get Vaccinated' Stickers To Promote COVID-19 Vaccine Drive Worldwide

Facebook-owned Instagram has added new stickers related to the COVID-19 vaccine in support of the vaccine drive taking place worldwide. Know how to access it.


Instagram adds new stickers (Image Source: Shutterstock)

The social media giant Facebook seems to have big plans in order to support the ongoing worldwide vaccine drive. This time, the social media giant is all set to roll out COVID-19 vaccine profile frames for Facebook as well as awareness stickers for Instagram. In their blog post, Facebook mentioned that these stickers can have a major impact on people's attitudes. This initiative is in collaboration with the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Center's for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Instagram Stickers for COVID-19 vaccine: Let's Get Vaccinated

Facebook-owned Instagram has created stickers with the caption "Let's get vaccinated" and "I got my COVID-19 vaccine" so that they can be used to spread awareness of the vaccine programme and can be used by the ones who have been vaccinated. Their stories will be compressed into a news feed called "Vaccinate" that will be highlighted in the story segment on the app. These stickers are also available in a few other languages including Spanish. These stickers are currently available in the US, the UK and India among others.

Source: Instagram blog

Users who wish to access the profile frames can do so by simply visiting the Facebook Profile pic Frames site i.e. Thereafter, they can select the appropriate frame from the menu among a list of other frames and then save it for future use. For Instagram users, awareness stickers can be found on stories by simply tapping on the sticker smiley that is available on the right-hand corner.

At this time, when almost everybody is glued to social media and are open to trying out trends produced on it, stickers are a wonderful way to dispense information regarding the vaccine drive. This is especially true today for people who continue to be uncertain about taking the vaccine as misleading rumours regarding them flood the news. Moreover, this initiative will also help track how many people have got vaccinated although that is not the main purpose of it. To top it up a notch, Facebook has also partnered up with renowned personalities like American Greek author Arianna Huffington to promote the profile frames and stickers.

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