'Mars Most Probable Place For Life Beyond Earth,' Reveals NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine


In a recent development, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Administrator Jim Bridenstine put out the possibility that there might be life on Mars beyond Earth.

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In a recent development, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Administrator Jim Bridenstine has said that there is a possibility of life on Mars beyond Earth.

Talking to an international news channel, Jim Bridenstine substantiated his claim by saying that as per last year's discovery, the complex organic compound had been on the surface of Mars, while dismissing life on the moon.

" But going back to the science in the last year, we have discovered complex organic compound on the surface of Mars. The building blocks of life exist on the surface of Mars. They are not on the moon at all, zero. But they are on the mars, all over," he said.

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He added that methane cycles on Mars commensurate with its seasons of Mars increased the probability of life on the planet different from life on Earth. He also revealed that liquid water had been found 12km under the surface of Mars, proving the possibility of life.

"And what do we know about liquid water, anywhere it exists in  Earth, it has life. We have learnt that mars had in its northern hemisphere an ocean, two-thirds of the northerm hemisphere in Mars was covered by ocean and had a thick atmosphere," explained Jim in an interview. 

Concluding his argument, the NASA Administrator said that Mars used to be a lot like Earth adding that one cannot say with certainty that there is life on Mars but it is imperative to find out if there really is. 

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