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Mercury Retrograde: Know How It Affects And What Are The Dates In 2020

Mercury retrograde will start on February 17, 2020.Have a look at the dates and how will it be affected in 2020. Read here to know more about retrograde

Mercury retrograde

All the planets are going to be retrograde this year, some more times (Mercury and Uranus), others once (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto). It will also be retrograde for the North Node and Chiron. Learn 

Mercury retrograde, how it affects and dates in 2020

In 2020, Mercury will retrograde three times:

  • February 17 – March 10: in Pisces and Aquarius
  • June 18 – July 12: in Cancer
  • October 14 – November 3: in Scorpio and Libra

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17 – March 10: in Pisces and Aquarius

The signs of Water are emotional and sentimental, and the natives of Pisces and Aquarius are also filled with sensitivity and imagination, confusion and feelings. Mercury's compatibility with Pisces is difficult, but even more challenging with Mercury's retrograde movement in Aquarius. Mercury retrograde is going to make you aware of these things in Pisces or Aquarius, allowing you to correct them or do some psychological cleaning. There is already some hysteria on the subject of Mercury retrograde in Pisces in the specialized press, especially online. Pisces can lead to confusion, disappointment, and disappointment. But the sign of Pisces is also the spiritual, creative, nonlinear, and compassionate sign. Also bringing second chances are the times when Mercury is retrograde. We may be able to heal an old wound or solve an old grudge. We can restart a neglected spiritual practice or bring a creative project back to life that we have pushed aside.

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June 18 – July 12: in Cancer

For Mercury, Cancer is not a very challenging host, nor is it indirect or retrograde movement. While Mercury will go against its normal flow and walk us through all sorts of emotional memory lanes, it will determine what we will pay attention to some classic communication, trade, and movement issues, but only the Cancer-ruled area. Since Cancer is attached to household and family, it is precisely here that we need to be on alert because of situations that can sometimes be challenging and at the same time be very helpful. Under Mercury retrograde in Cancer, some miscommunications with family members or tensions among relatives are very possible. This is, however, an excellent time to reconnect with a family member with whom we have not been in contact for a long time or to reconcile with someone nearby re-evaluating the situation that caused conflict.

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October 14 – November 3: in Scorpio and Libra

In Scorpio, Mercury retrograde will make us more expressive and bold. While this event will have a positive impact on our lives, you need to know that the retrogradation period can also cause many headaches. In Libra, Mercury retrograde can bring enough agitation, sarcasm, and nervousness with special influence to draw false conclusions that we may later regret. There is a strong struggle during this period between a forced detached attitude and a strong tendency towards introspection that can become dangerous. It is a time of communication difficulties, impatience, and feelings concentrated on reaching personal goals. It is time for personal behaviour to be redefined.

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