Spectacular Video Of Octopus Changing Colour As It Dreams; Watch Here


On Friday, a Twitter user shared a video of an octopus changing its colours on its body while sleeping; it is assumed that the octopus was dreaming of hunting

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While it is not uncommon for several species to have the ability to change their colour, to capture one doing so, that too underwater is a great moment. On Friday, a Twitter user shared a short video of an octupus changing its colours and also the patterns on its body. The video is originally from a show on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). The original video cannot be played in India owing to geoblocking but the thankfully the Twitter user has shared a brilliant clip from the episode called Octopus Making Contact

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Octopus changes colours while dreaming

As any good quality video from deep sea shows mesmering visuals - be it of bioluminiscent beings, fascinating creatures like the Anglerfish, Vampire Squid, Sperm Whales and many others - this video too has an grasping visual. In the video, the octopus is seen being still and changing its colour from one to other, i.e. from pearl white to deep yellow to dark brown, along with also deepening the pattern on its body. As per the tweet and the information on the PBS web site, the octopus is changing colours probably because it is dreaming and that too, dreaming about hunting and eating its prey. Watch the phenomenal video below:

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Watch the spectacular video of octopus changing its below:

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What the octopus was likely to be dreaming about

As per reports, an octopus changes colours to camouflage itself when it is hunting or escaping a predator. Hence, it is believed that it changes colours because it is dreaming of either hunting or running or hiding from its predator. As per reports, marine biologist and Alaska Pacific University professor David Scheel in the episode says that the sleeping octopus was perhaps dreaming of seeing its prey, such as a crab and her colour changes a little. The biologist says the Octopus turns all dark when it leaves the bottom of the ocean. The expert says that perhaps the octopus dreamt of catching its prey and eating it, as often, octopuses after subduing their prey don't want to be seen while consuming it

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