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Twitter 'improves' Blue-tick verification With Voluntary Survey to Help Understand Process

Twitter recently relaunched its new criteria for verification procedure and now to better understand the process it has included 'volunteer survey' for users.

Twitter verification

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In a move to help citizens better understand the 'blue-tick' verification process, social media giant Twitter on Saturday rolled out 'a voluntary survey' to make the verification process clearer. 

Twitter had recently updated its 'blue-tick' verification process for Twitter profiles. According to the company, it has 'progressed' its procedure for verification with 'diverse and representative' conditions. The company has claimed that the relaunch is followed by 'fair and inclusive' policies for applicants. 

As per the latest conditions, Twitter has promised to verify accounts 'no matter who it comes from' as long as all the requirements are met.

Twitter's relaunched verification process

The newly launched process has included personnel from six backgrounds who can apply for verification of their accounts. 

  • Government officials or affiliates
  • Companies, brands, and organizations
  • News organizations and journalists
  • Entertainer or entertainment group
  • Professional sports or gaming entity
  • Activist or influential individual 

Twitter has set certain conditions for every field with common condition grounds of each having - official website, ID verification, and official email address. 

The conditional remark under Journalists section includes independent journalists who can also get their accounts verified if they provide- at least 3 bylines/credits in Verified publications published within the 6 months prior to applying, added Twitter notification. 

Accounts that can be verified without meeting criteria

An interesting feature that has been added by Twitter includes allowing certain sections of the society to get their accounts verified even if they do not meet the required criteria. This action was taken keeping the 'current events' of the global pandemic in view. Professionals including those frontline workers operating in hospitals, 'activists and local political leaders in times of protest or in connection with a significant cultural event, public safety and journalist accounts reporting on natural disasters; or organizers, proponents, or founders of campaigns in support of civil or human rights'. 

Ineligible accounts

The company has clarified that certain accounts will stand out of the race for verification despite meeting with every criterion and it includes- parody accounts, pets account, or 'Accounts of individuals or groups associated with coordinated harmful activity, or hateful content'. The company has published a detailed report regarding the relaunch of the verification process. 

The 'blue-tick' verified badge on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic. To receive the blue badge, your account must apparently be authentic, notable, and active.

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