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Twitter Restores Services After Global Outage, Assures 'no Evidence Of Hack Or Breach'

Microblogging platform Twitter has announced “we’re all clear” after it experienced global outage and users complained that they were unable to use the website.


Twitter has announced “we’re all clear” after it experienced a worldwide outage and users complained that they were unable to use the platform. Several hours after Jack Dorsey’s Twitter first acknowledged that it has been “down for many” due to some trouble with the company’s “internal systems”, Twitter Support posted an update on October 16 that it should now be working “as expected” for everyone. 

The platform also assured that there was not “any evidence of a security breach or hack.” It also said in a statement that “The outage was caused by a system change initiated earlier then planned, affecting most of our servers. We’re working hard to bring Twitter back to normal and expect things to be fully resolved in 1-2 hours.”

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Netizens flood Twitter with memes

Soon after the Twitter outage started resolving, its users began posting memes about "life without Twitter" or "Twitter outage got me like". Several others complained about their tweets either getting deleted or "nowhere to be found". Many internet users even expressed their concerns of accounts being hacked or other similar security breaches. There were also those who complained about how long it took for the microblogging platform to work again. Every time a user tried to post a tweet an error showed up on the platform that read, "Oops, something went wrong!". Here are some of the memes triggered by the global outage of the platform:

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