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Twitter To Allow Users To 'sell Tickets' For Audio Chats On Spaces, Here's How It Works

Twitter will allow potential hosts to be able to sell their own ticket, who would also be able to decide their own price and total number of tickets to be sold.


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Twitter Inc. on Monday announced that it will now let the users charge for audio shows on its network via its new ‘Spaces’ feature. In a blog post, the company explained that Spaces is an ‘audio-only voice chat’ feature that will allow a host to stream voice chat with other Twitter users. Audience members can either listen in or become part of the conversation. Users with at least 600 followers will be able to use this feature actively. In order to monetize on Spaces, which is now available for Android users, Twitter will allow the potential hosts to be able to sell their own tickets, who would also be able to decide their own price and the number of total tickets that they would want to sell on Twitter. The company, according to a Bloomberg report, will be involved in acquiring a percentage of sales, although it declined to comment on the amount of profit it will slash out of the total cost. 

“Spaces encourages and unlocks real, open conversations on Twitter with the authenticity and nuance, depth and power only the human voice can bring. Spaces are for small and intimate conversations with just a few others, or for big discussions about what’s unfolding right now with thousands of listeners,” Twitter explained in a blog post. 

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'Idea' inspired by Clubhouse

A security research leader, Jane Manchun Wong, told Bloomberg that the social media giant was also exploring ways to allow the organizer to collect tips from the listeners or participants in the chat room. The live audio conversations will be available to millions of users and can involve a host doing a music launch, and conversations around the range of current affairs and other topics. Twitter Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey’s Live audio chatroom is an idea inspired by the rival Clubhouse. The firm had been unsuccessful in acquiring the company for $4 billion last month according to multiple reports. Twitter’s clubhouse like voice chatrooms is an invite-only platform where one can also set reminders for hosting chats, and schedule time slots for its users to accommodate. The feature appears on iPhones and Android at the top of the Twitter feed in a purple bubble close by the Twitter Fleets. 

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