Twitter's “Experiment” To Brand Thread Creators As “Original”: To Potentially Identify Sources Of Content

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The potential experimental "Original Tweeter" helps identify the creator of a thread. Do you think that It could lead to better identification of malicious accounts and fake content? Do let us know if the new feature has rolled out to your Twitter accounts.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

It seems that micro-blogging Twitter is now carrying out a new experiment to curb the source of fake content sources. The platform seems to have started rolling out a feature that apparently gets to the source of the original tweeter within a thread of tweets.

Now, the advantages of such a system could be the fact that fake twitter accounts and those attempting to share non-genuine information could be potentially detected. As per a TechCrunch report, that quotes Twitter officially, the new "original tweet detector in a thread" functionality has seemingly been made live for certain users across the world; these users are said to encompass both Android and iOS users.

Hence, in case you are an avid Twitter user, do check if the above experiment is live for your Twitter handle. Also, do share thoughts/insights on the potentiality of the new Twitter feature towards curbing non-genuine and fake information (and accounts); which of late has been a major concern for social media.

TechCrunch states that with this, an “Original Tweeter” tag would be fixed next to the Twitter handle of the person having started new threads. Since most threads involve numerous conversations, it becomes imminent that the creator of the thread is properly marked such that other followers and those tweeting in the thread first get to understand if the originator of the thread is genuine or otherwise.

With this being an experiment, there could be more UI changes in Twitter for Android, iOS users in the near future potentially considering the fact that micro-blogging platforms like Twitter are best used to share happiness/positive success (inspirational) content rather than create controversies with respect to sensitive stuff.

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