Users Panic As Facebook Goes Offline For 30 Minutes

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Facebook suffered an outage on Friday for 30 minutes

Written By Anirudh Sunilkumar | Mumbai | Updated On:
Credits: AP

Facebook users were void of a platform to post their grievances after the multimedia platform went offline for 30 minutes on Friday. 

At 9:30 pm IST, users across the US, UK, Brazil, India and many more, users witnessed a mysterious error message that stopped them from accessing the social media website. 

A live outage map by tracked the issue and compiled all the error reports regarding the issue. Soon after the website was down comment section of the tracking website was flooded with complaints regarding the issue. 

However, the unexpected problem in the system was corrected by the company within 30 minutes following which a senior official of the company told The Sun said: "Earlier today, a technical issue caused some people to have trouble connecting to Facebook and it has since been resolved.” 


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Earlier this week in a similar instance Facebook-owned photo and video sharing platform Instagram suffered an outage. However, the reason for the latest problem is not certain yet. 

The social media giant recently took a stand against frequent cyber-attacks on the platform, specifically against the suspected Russian hackers that allegedly had a role in the US Presidential elections of 2016. As a part of its counter-act, the company has closed down numerous fake accounts and other bogus events that they claim were created to stoke racial tension in the US. 

Facebook, which disclosed its financial results on July 26, for the second quarter freaked out its investors with a drop of roughly 20 percent, erasing more than $120 billion. 

Hinting at its future performance post the results in the coming years, the California based company stated that not only would it cost more to harden the platform than analyst expectations but it also expects a lag in the revenue growth at least till the end of 2019., reported Wired.

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In simpler terms, Facebook would be a less profitable company for a few upcoming years.

The media giant's finance was cratered after its scandal with political firm Cambridge Analytica was exposed. However, surprisingly, its stock prices went on to climb 43 percent in the following month. 

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