VIDEO: Mark Zuckerberg Jokes About Facebook's Privacy Scandals But Fails To Make The Audience Laugh

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Zuckerberg quite awkwardly tried to crack a joke about the company's recent privacy scandals while addressing the audience on the issue of Facebook's privacy vision

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently delivered a keynote speech at the company's F8 Developer Conference. While addressing the audience on the issue of Facebook's privacy vision, Zuckerberg quite awkwardly tried to crack a joke about the company's recent privacy scandals. Zuckerberg also described Facebook's strategy of developing a new private social platform for its users.

Here's what happened

In his keynote speech, Zuckerberg's primary focus was on the company's privacy vision and ephemeral content and so on. However, at one point, Zuckerberg joked about Facebook's privacy scandals, which is no laughing matter. And what made the whole situation really awkward for Zuckerberg was the dull response he received from the audience on his joke. Perhaps no one was quite ready to laugh about it just yet and for a reason.

"I believe that the future is private," Zuckerberg said. "As the world gets bigger and more connected, we need that sense of intimacy more than ever."

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Zuckerberg further went on to say:

"I get that a lot of people aren't sure that we are serious about this. I know that we don't exactly have the strongest reputation for privacy right now, to put it lightly."

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Facebook's privacy scandals revolve around a lot of issues. First up, the Cambridge Analytica data scandal that collected a vast amount of data on millions of Facebook users that was later used to meddle with the 2016 US presidential elections. Numerous data leaks and privacy scandals have put the company into a bad light. Recently, Facebook was spotted internally storing millions of Instagram passwords in plain text on its servers.

Facebook has come under scrutiny over a series of privacy blunders. A few months ago, Facebook came under fire after a bombshell report made some shocking revelations that Facebook allowed more than 150 companies including Netflix and Spotify to access certain user data including their private messages.

Zuckerberg's privacy vision also includes the integration of Facebook's whole suite of messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct.

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