Your Current YouTube Videos Are A Result Of This First One From 14 Years Ago

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The first ever YouTube video, called "Me at the Zoo", 14 years ago, is an 18-second description of why elephants are cool at a zoo. Your current YouTube videos could take inspiration from this.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:
The very first YouTube video from 14 years ago. Image Credit: Jawed Karim via YouTube

The next time you watch a video on YouTube – that has now become an almost inseparable part of human life, remember that the first ever video to the streaming platform was uploaded 14 years ago on 23 April 2005. This video is the cornerstone and the foundation stone to all your current videos that you upload and that receive millions of views and likes.  

Now, “YouTubing” has become a profession; but had you known that you could earn from YouTube videos when the very first video on the platform surfaced 14 years ago? Maybe even the uploader of this first video himself did not know- he is YouTube’s co-founder Jawed Karim by the way who is credited to having uploaded the very first YouTube video. His video titled “Me at the Zoo” is still available to view in case you want to. You could click here to navigate to Karim’s channel and watch the first video on YouTube.  

Aptly titled, Karim’s video chronicles his time at a zoo and the video’s quality is very average. The number of views, so far, garnered are 66,721,621. The number of subscribers having thumbed-up is 1.8 million, and those having thumbed-down is 69,000. Duration of this video is less than a minute – a trend those days. Though not containing significant details, Karim’s video has undoubtedly led to a trend that showed everyone that the power of expression is supreme. Views for this video are in fact on the higher side if its content is anything to go by. Today, if you must upload less-than-a-minute videos, do ensure that you have rock solid stuff inside. 

After Karim’s video upload, YouTube’s takeover by Google resulted in the platform becoming a part of daily life (and financial source) for many. Now, after 14 years, YouTube channels are nearly besting TV channels. Do share your thoughts on YouTube.  

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