YouTube India's Hilariously Confusing Reply To Zomato’s “Ghar Ka Khana” Deals With Smartphone Addiction, Has Twitterati In Splits 

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YouTube India has a "counter smartphone addiction" reply to Zomato's "Ghar Ka Khana" recommendation tweet.

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YouTube India's Hilariously Confusing Reply To Zomato’s “Ghar Ka Khana” Deals With Smartphone Addiction, Has Twitterati In Splits 

YouTube India has also responded to Zomato's “Ghar Ka Khana” tweet and the reply seems to be more confusing than hilarious even when compared to PUBG Mobile India’s “VEG DINNER” response. The popular video content service wants its digital patrons to keep their smartphones away at least after 3 AM.  

YouTube’s confusing reply to Zomato’s “Ghar Ka Khana” 

Check out YouTube’s rather confused reply to Zomato's recommendation of having home-cooked food: 

Now, is this tweet an indication about people having to voluntary adapt measures against the growing smartphone addiction? In case true, this could be a potential message to smartphone users to resort to concentrate more on general everyday important duties rather than staying hooked to the smartphone all night long.  

Surprisingly, Twitterati also have seemingly taken to YouTube India’s tweets as this has been going viral on social media. Some Twitterati have even been hilariously advising YouTube to stop Zomato’s ads from playing after every 5 seconds.  

YouTube’s tweets has Twitterati in splits yet again 

Like that of Zomato, YouTube’s latest tweet has netizens in splits; in this regard, check out below hilarious Twitterati reactions: 








In summary, Zomato’s tweet about having to try out home cooked food at least once a while seems to be eliciting hilarious –confusing responses that have been connecting with the netizens on social media. In this regard, check out what Zomato’s interesting insight here. 

Finally, nobody would have even imagined that there would be a time wherein social media would talk about things like not neglecting home-cooked food (this from an online ordering and delivery from restaurant service), recommending vegetarian dinners (from a name who made chicken dinner popular), and now about having to concentrate on sleep by putting the smartphones to sleep as well.  

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