February 8, 2024Anmol Nagpal

Apple reportedly to work on foldable iPhones

Following the launch of the Vision Pro, Apple could be gearing up for another major change in its product range with the launch of new foldable devices.

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While brands such as Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus and Google have dabbled in foldable devices, Apple has so far stayed away from releasing a foldable iPhone, but that could change in the near future.

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Apple is currently building prototypes for two clamshell-style foldable iPhones, according to media reports.

Source: Macworld

The smartphone would be similar in design to the Galaxy Z Flip and would have the ability to stand and take pictures at a 90-degree angle when unfolded, the report added.

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The report states that Tim Cook had approached Apple engineers about making a foldable device as early as 2018, two years before the launch of Galaxy Z Flip.

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Apple is reportedly trying to discover many compelling features for the new foldable devices.

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The report also cautions that a foldable iPhone isn't going to be available soon given that the device isn't in Apple's mass production plans for 2024 or 2025.

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Meanwhile, Apple has approached at least one manufacturer in Asia about procuring components related to the two iPhones of different sizes.

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Apple is also reportedly keen on building a foldable device that is as thin as the current iPhone models but battery size and display components make that a challenge.

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Moreover, the report states that Apple is keen on building a foldable phone with displays on the outside, its engineers are struggling with the design of the smartphone, given that it can break easily

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The report also confirmed that Apple is still working on a folding iPad with an 8-inch screen much like the current iPad Mini.

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