February 27, 2024Anmol Nagpal

Elon Musk gives advice to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Elon Musk asks Satya Nadella to grant users the option of setting up a new Windows PC without the mandatory creation of a Microsoft account.

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The conflict between Musk and Microsoft unfolded when Nadella shared news of the company's collaboration with Mistral AI.

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In response, Musk expressed his plea to Nadella, stating, “Satya, please allow people setting up a new Windows PC to skip creating a Microsoft account.”

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Highlighting his issue, Musk pointed out that the option to bypass creating an account vanishes once the computer connects to WiFi.

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Additionally, he noted the restriction of using only non-work email addresses for sign-up, which poses an obstacle as he solely possesses work email addresses.

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As of the latest update, Nadella has yet to respond to Musk's entreaties.

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The saga unfolded over the preceding weekend when Musk aired grievances about encountering hurdles while setting up his new Windows PC.

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