January 13, 2024Anmol Nagpal

Five new rules for UPI users

UPI transaction limit for hospitals, educational institutions payments raised to ₹5 lakh.

Source: ANI

Pre-sanctioned Credit Line on UPI will bring the availability of loans to individuals and businesses, furthering financial inclusion in the country.

Source: ANI

NPCI has introduced 'UPI for Secondary Market,' allowing limited pilot customers to block funds post-trade confirmation and settle payments on a T1 basis through Clearing Corporations.

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UPI ATMs using QR codes will empower cash withdrawals without the need to carry physical debit cards and will bring better convenience and financial inclusion.

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The RBI has proposed a four-hour cooling period for users initiating first payments exceeding ₹2,000 to new users, enhancing the safety of UPI transactions by allowing users to reverse transactions.

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