February 2, 2024Anmol Nagpal

IndiGo has over 70 planes grounded at present

IndiGo said that it has mid-70 aircraft grounded at the moment up from mid-40 aircraft grounded at the start of October 2023.

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The mid-70 aircraft on the ground (AOG) include aircraft that are either waiting for parts due to supply-chain challenges or undergoing inspections.

Source: IndiGo

In November, IndiGo had said that it expects 35 aircraft to be grounded in the January-March quarter in addition to the planes IndiGo has grounded due to supply chain issues.

Source: IndiGo

IndiGo currently operates 176 A320neo as part of its fleet of 334 aircraft and currently has over 40 aircraft grounded due to P&W engine issues.

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Out of the above, 60 more aircraft use engines by P&W engines.

Source: @indigo6e-X

Gaurav Negi, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of IndiGo, on February 2 said that IndiGo will add more aircraft on lease to maintain its fleet.

Source: PTI

Negi also said that IndiGo continues to receive new aircraft, with one delivery a week expected in 2024-25.

Source: IndiGo Q2 results

IndiGo also said that it will surpass its capacity guidance for 2023-24 and will increase its fleet by 20 percent when compared on-year by the end of 2023-24.

Source: IndiGo

As of December end, the airline’s fleet stood at 358 aircraft.

Source: IndiGo