February 1, 2024Anmol Nagpal

Interim Budget 2024: Centre's strategy for ‘Amrit Kaal’

The Government will adopt economic policies that foster and sustain growth, facilitate inclusive and sustainable development, improve productivity, and create opportunities for all.

Source: Pexels

Guided by the principle ‘Reform, Perform, and Transform’, the Government will take up next-generation reforms, and build consensus with the states and stakeholders for effective implementation.

Source: ANI

An important policy priority for the Government is to ensure timely and adequate finances, relevant technologies, and appropriate training for the MSMEs to grow and also compete globally.

Source: MSME Ministry

The Government will facilitate sustaining high and more resource-efficient economic growth. This will work towards energy security in terms of availability, accessibility, and affordability.

Source: Goldman Sachs and J P Morgan

To meet the investment needs the Government will prepare the financial sector in terms of size, capacity, skills, and regulatory framework.

Source: Republic