January 3, 2024Anmol Nagpal

SC upholds SEBI investigation in Adani-Hindenburg case

The Supreme Court has upheld investigation by the Securities and Exchange Board of India into the petitions against Adani Group concerning allegations levelled by Hindenburg Research.

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The Supreme Court has directed SEBI to complete remaining investigation on Adani Group preferably within three months.

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The CJI said the power of the Supreme Court to enter the regulatory framework of SEBI is limited.

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The SC also said that there are no valid grounds to revoke SEBI's ammendments to FPI and LODR regulations.

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SEBI has completed its investigation in 20 out of the 22 matters related to the Adani Group.

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The CJI has directed SEBI to conclude its investigation in the remaining two cases within the next three months.

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The Supreme Court rejects the appeal to transfer the investigation from SEBI to Special Investigation Team (SIT).

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