December 29, 2023Business Desk

Taiwan stocks post solid 2023 gains, Malaysian ringgit weak

The stock markets painted a varied picture, with Taiwan leading the pack, set to close the year with an impressive 26.7 per cent surge, marking its most robust performance since 2009.

Source: Taiwan

Throughout 2023, the ringgit grappled with a trajectory of decline, heading towards a third consecutive year of losses with a depreciation exceeding 4 per cent.

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While the rupee and Chinese yuan were on course to register losses of 0.5 per cent and 2.8 per cent, respectively, for the year, the South Korean won faced a 1.8 per cent drop.

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Bangkok's benchmark index faced a considerable downturn, ending the year with a 15.2 per cent drop, marking its most significant decline since 2008.

Source: Pexels