November 16, 2023Akshit Tyagi

TikTok emerges as surging news source

A recent Pew Research Center study revealed a significant surge in news consumption among TikTok users, rising from 22 per cent to 43 per cent within a year.

Source: Pixabay

This trend highlights a growing reliance on social media platforms for news, with half of US adults turning to them for information.

Source: Unsplash

While Meta-owned Facebook remains the top platform for news at 30 per cent, YouTube follows with 26 per cent, Instagram with 16 per cent, and TikTok with 14 per cent.

Source: Pixabay

As per the study, women more likely to consume news on Nextdoor, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, while men are more prevalent on platforms like Reddit, X, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Source: Pixabay