February 1, 2024Anmol Nagpal

FM hopes to achieve 'Viksit Bharat' vision by 2047

The success of organizing G20 meetings in sixty places presented the diversity of India to the global audience.

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The government's economic strength has made the country an attractive destination for business and conference tourism.

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The country's middle class also now aspires to travel and explore.

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Tourism, including spiritual tourism, has tremendous opportunities for local entrepreneurship.

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States will be encouraged to take up comprehensive development of iconic tourist centres, branding and marketing them at a global scale.

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A framework for the rating of tourist destinations, based on the quality of facilities and services will be established.

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Long-term interest-free loans will be provided to States for financing such development on a matching basis.

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To promote domestic tourism, projects for port connectivity, tourism infrastructure, and amenities will be taken up on our islands, including Lakshadweep. This will help in employment generation.

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