January 11, 2024Anmol Nagpal

India set to be among top 3 global economies

Let people across the world do their analysis, but it is my guarantee that India will be in the top three economies of the world, said PM Narendra Modi said at VGGS.

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He also touched upon the structural reforms in the country that have enhanced the capacity, capability, and competitiveness of India's economy.

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PM Modi has been making a push for major players to set up semiconductor plants in the country in a bid to make India the global chip hub.

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Towards that end, the Centre has rolled out a $10-billion subsidy programme to attract major semiconductor players to set up chip fabrication and assembling facilities in the country.

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The 10th edition of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit has seen the participation of 34 partner countries and 16 partner organisations, and a host of companies have already committed to investing in India.

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The prime minister also outlined India's strategic vision for the next 25 years, aligning the nation's development goals with the recent celebration of 75 years of independence.

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"We have the goal of making it a developed country by the time it celebrates 100 years of independence. Therefore, these 25 years' duration is India's Amrit Kaal," he added.

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