January 21, 2024Republic Entertainment Desk

AI Imagines Hrithik Roshan, Vikrant Massey, Tiger Shroff as Lord Ram Ahead of Mandir Inauguration

AI artist has shared a series of pictures of actors as Lord Ram imagined by AI.

Source: Hrithik Roshan

Vidyut Jamal can be seen dressed as Lord Ram.

Source: Vidyut Jamal

In another photo, Gunutr Kaaram actor Mahesh Babu can be seen posing as the lord.

Source: Mahesh Babu

Tiger Shroff can be seen bulked up as Lord Ram.

Source: Tiger Shroff

Varun Dhawan carries a bow and arrow, the quintessential weapons carried by the Lord.

Source: Varun Dhawan

Vikrant Massey can be seen shooting an arrow.

Source: Vikrant Massey

Kartik Aaryan can also be seen bulked up in Lord Ram attire.

Source: Kartik Aaryan