November 28, 2023Republic Entertainment Desk

AI 'scares' Michael Douglas, Oscar winning actor says 'its difficult to know exactly...'

About the future of AI, Douglas said, “Just as you begin to think or imagine what the possibilities are, just touching upon it, and its going to be going so quickly so fast, its difficult to know.”

Source: IMDb

Douglas also stated, reflecting upon his renewed status if AI’s impact grew stronger, “I would be immortal because I will have my digital rights given to somebody."

Source: Twitter

Talking about the unpredictable nature of AI, Douglas also said, “So its difficult to know exactly, where its all going to go, its exciting but also a little scary.”

Source: IMDb

Douglas recalled how the AI-related clauses for extra artists were a major aspect of negotiating steps in the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Source: IMDb

At the same time, Douglas also noted the positive aspect of digital boom era, stating, “Younger generation is used to doing three things at the same time which is what always amazes me”

Source: X/PIB_India