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Anecdotes from Michael Douglas' Exclusive Interview: First Oscar win, facing rejections, debut film

Michael Douglas made his debut as a producer with One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest which won 5 Oscars. However, before the release, many studios rejected the film.

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Douglas recalled moving out of his father's shadow after winning an Oscar for Wall Street as Best Actor. He said, "It was an opportunity of sort of stepping out of his father Kirk Douglas' shadow."

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Not many know but when Douglas and Danny DeVito started their career, they used to be roommates.

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He was only 16-year-old when he made his acting debut with an "unexpected role" - of a driver - in his father's directorial Cast A Giant Shadow.

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Douglas opened up about India and said, "It's just the combination of the energy, of the whimsical, the spirit, the senses, the colours and the people I find, so friendly."

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Imagining the limitless possibilities of AI, he humorously notes, "I would be immortal because I will have my digital rights given to somebody."

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Douglas opened up about his connection with Bollywood and said Om Shanti Om is his favourite film.

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Douglas was planning to make a sequel to Romancing the Stone with Indian cast, but it couldn't make it to the big screen. Now, revealing the reason, he said they never quite got the script developed.

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Douglas made his own mark in Hollywood after winning an Oscar for Wall Street as Best Actor. He produced a film One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest independently which won him an Oscar for Best Picture.

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