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Aparna Das Marries Deepak Parambol

Malayalam actor Aparna Das married 'Manjummel Boys' actor Deepak Parambol in an intimate wedding held at the Guruvayoor temple in Kerala.

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Photos and videos from the wedding are being shared widely on social media. Aparna Das and Deepak Parambol's family members and friends attended their wedding in Kerala.

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Deepak wore a silk dhoti, while Aparna chose a traditional Kerala saree with a heavily-embroidered green blouse.

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Aparna Das and Deepak Parambol, who have been in a steady relationship for several years, recently expressed their joy to the media following their wedding.

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Photos from the event have been circulating online, prompting an outpouring of well wishes from fans and followers on social media platforms.

Source: momentssbyelementricxandashif_marakkar/instagram

In the morning, the couple exchanged vows at Thevarcad Convention Center in Vadakencherry, Kerala, surrounded by their families and close friends.

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Aparna Das, known for her roles in 'Njan Prakashan', 'Manoharam', 'Beast', and 'Dada', gained fame in 2023. Several celebrities from the film industry graced the wedding ceremony.

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