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Artist To Kammatipaadam: Underrated Malayalam Movies That Must Be On Your Watchlist

Artist: Gayatri meets Michael and starts living with him despite his arrogance. She avoids all the negatives and tries to deal with him but things change when Michael loses his eyesight.

Source: Wikipedia

Shutter: A family man (Rasheed) is locked with a prostitute in a commercial space by his friend. Unexpected events unravel over days and nights with them locked inside having no way out.

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Trance: A disheartened motivational speaker gets hired by a corporation to become a preacher until his live stint on television puts him and his service under the scanner.

Source: IMDb

Iyobinte Pusthakam: Set in pre-independent India, Aloshi returns from the war to his estranged family, only to find his brothers taking the side of a ruthless businessman to overthrow their father.

Source: Rediff

Kammattipaadam: Krishnan, who has been living away from his family in Mumbai, gets a call from his friend Ganga in Kerala. Sensing danger, he leaves for Kammattipadam, where both of them grew up.

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