December 17, 2023Republic Entertainment Desk

From Bridgerton to Squid Game Season 2: 7 exciting Netflix releases to look forward to in 2024!

The global phenomenon continues as the original cast returns for more intense games and plot twists.

Source: Squid Games I IMDb

A prequel exploring the backstory of the enigmatic Berlin promises gripping heists and character depth.

Source: Berlin I IMDb

A zombie apocalypse continues to haunt high schoolers as the second season promises new revelations amidst chaos.

Source: All of us dead I IMDb

The heartwarming LGBTQ+ teen romance follows Nick and Charlie's evolving relationship and their struggles.

Source: Heartstopper I IMDb

The new season focuses on the budding romance between Colin Bridgerton and Lady Whistledown.

Source: Bridgerton I IMDb

A live-action adaptation of the beloved series follows Aang's journey to unite four elemental nations.

Source: Avatar I IMDb

Sofía Vergara stars in this Narcos-inspired crime drama, portraying Griselda Blanco's rise in the drug cartel world.

Source: Griselda I IMDb