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Cabbage Day 2024: Recipes To Try

Cabbage Kofta has ingredients like shredded cabbage mixed with coconut, garam masala, coriander powder, chilli, chickpea flour and onions - a mixed bag of earthy and sensational Indian ingredients.

Source: Nehas Cook Book

Steamed Chinese Cabbage Parcels requires eating dim sums but without the calories. Minced chicken marinated for 4 hours, wrapped around thin cabbage leaves and steamed soft.

Source: what to cook today

Stuffed Capsicum with Carrots and Cabbage Crispy capsicums are stuffed with freshly grated carrots, cabbage and then fried crisp.

Source: bonapeti.com

Muttakos Poriyal is the South Indian dish is an absolute delight. Cabbage cooked with urad dal, chana dal, mustard seeds and grated coconut.

Source: archanaskitchen

Carrot cashew nut contains crispy greens and carrots are mixed together with vinegar, mustard seeds, sesame oil, parsley and plump grapes to get a dish as creamy, as delicious and as divine as this.

Source: havocinthekitchen

Big Punjabi breakfast. Parathas stuffed with cabbage, potatoes, onions and a variety of spices.

Source: vegrecipesofindia

Cabbage Cups contains soya bean in cabbage cups. Whip up a delicious soya bean salad made with bean sprouts, chilli and other vegetables and stuff that into small made-at-home cabbage cups and serve.

Source: dr shikha sharma