April 30, 2024

Delicacies From Mizoram That Will Tempt Your Taste Buds

Mizo Bai, a popular dish made from boiling vegetables with fermented soybeans or pork, is served with rice, while Sawhchiar, a rice dish with beef, pork, or chicken, is also popular.

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Chhumm Han, a popular Mizoram vegetarian meal, features cooked vegetables mixed with ginger, served with rice, and is considered the best option.

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Mizoram's popular dish Vawksa rep features smoked, tender, and flavorful pork cubes, topped with herbs, and served with soft, perfectly cooked cubes.

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Koat Pitha, a deep-fried fritter dish with rice flour and banana, resembles Kerala Unniyappam. Enjoyed on special occasions in the North East.

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Bhapa Pitha contains steamed rice cake which is made from ground rice flour and filled with coconut and date molasses, which can be replaced with brown sugar or jaggery.

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Bamboo Shoot Stir Fry recipe is a simple, weekday dinner or lunchbox dish made from stemmed bamboo shoots, popular in Asian countries. It can be served with phulka or rice and sambar.

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Panch Phoran Tarka is a popular Mizoram dish, available as a vegetarian or nonvegetarian option. It is prepared by veggies like brinjal, pumpkins, and potatoes, with chicken as the most common meat.

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