April 16, 2024Republic Lifestyle Desk

Destination Dupes You Must Visit This Summer Of 2024

It is believed that Paros is a more typical Greek island, with plenty of picturesque corners, and a better choice for a beach vacation. It is better than Santorini.

Source: visitgreece.gr

The Philippines offers stunning natural scenery but lacks wildlife or temple attractions, while the Maldives offers relaxing beaches and luxurious resorts.

Source: kids.nationalgeographic

Canada offers job satisfaction and good salaries, friendly people, and breathtaking landscapes.

Source: destinationcanada

Virginia offers a more affordable lifestyle compared to California, with lower costs for housing, healthcare, groceries, and utilities.

Source: Freepik

The comparison between Taipei and Seoul reveals that Taipei is more expensive, while Seoul is significantly cheaper and offers a more budget-friendly option.

Source: eng.taiwan.net.tw

Liverpool offers affordable university accommodation, while London is one of the world's most expensive, offering a diverse range of student accommodation options.

Source: visitliverpool

Makarska, a charming seaside city along the Makarska Rivera, boasts stunning beaches, rich cultural heritage, Baroque architecture, and scenic mountainous surroundings.

Source: makarskainfo