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Devkund To Krangshuri: Natural Pools In India That Are Perfect For A Refreshing Swim

Kempty Falls, located in Mussoorie, is a popular tourist attraction and picnic spot, situated at 4500 ft above sea level. John Mekinan created the Kempty waterfall as a popular picnic destination.

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Devkund waterfall in Bhira Patnus, a popular tourist destination, has become crowded and dangerous due to social media buzz, requiring a three-hour trek through dense forests.

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Dudhsagar waterfall, surrounded by lush green western ghat, is one of India's tallest falls, attracting tourists and nature lovers for a great day trip near Goa.

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Krangshuri waterfall, unlike Southern Meghalaya's cliff-hugging plunge falls, features a placid river dropping over a cave, resembling the Jungle Book. During summer, the waterfalls offer blue, clear.

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Kakochang waterfall, located 13 km from Bokakhat in Assam, is a popular tourist attraction and picnic spot. It offers views of historical Numaligarh ruins.


Shivanasamudra Falls, a cluster of waterfalls in Karnataka, India, form the contour between Chamarajanagara and Mandya districts, consisting of Bharachukki and Gaganachukki Falls.

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Kakolat Waterfall, a picturesque waterfall in Nawada district, is a popular tourist attraction and a significant part of Hindu mythology.

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