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Easy Breakfast Recipes For Bachelors Living Alone

Yoghurt with granola is a versatile breakfast option, customisable with honey, agave, fruit, hemp seeds, and chia seeds, providing a healthy, delicious start to the day.

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Scrambled eggs can be consumed alongside other nutritious foods like whole grain toast, fruit, or sautéed vegetables for protein, nutrients, and fullness, reducing calorie intake later in the day.

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Burritos are made with flour tortillas, sour cream, deli ham, mozzarella cheese, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, and tomatoes, providing protein, moisture, flavour.

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Daily smoothies can be a convenient meal replacement, provided they are not too low in calories but not too high.

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Avocado toast, rich in fibre and healthy fats, is a nutritious option that can be enhanced by combining it with whole-wheat or multigrain toast.

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Cereals are best enjoyed with cold or room-temperature milk, as they have a crunchy texture. The dish is one of the easiest things for bachelors to make.

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Tofu scramble is a healthy and easy recipe for anyone living alone. Combine the tofu with veggies to start your day with a balanced meal.

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