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Exotic Getaway: Couples Head To Lakshwadeep And Aizwal For An Unforgettable Honeymoon

Puducherry offers a variety of honeymoon destinations, including beaches, resorts, restaurants, water sports, and nature's serenity, making it a top choice for couples seeking a memorable experience.


Gangtok, a serene Himalayan destination, offers honeymooners tranquility and romance due to its lush green landscapes, panoramic mountain views, and enchanting mountains.


The picturesque property offers an ideal honeymoon getaway, Kodaikanal surrounded by mist-covered cliffs, panoramic lakes, and a manicured terrace-farming vall, offering an amazing environment.

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Coorg offers travelers peace, quality time with loved ones, and honeymoon packages, showcasing famous attractions, delicious cuisine, indulging nightlife, and exotic sceneries.

Source: Karnataka tourism

Nestled on a hilltop with lush greenery, stunning sea views, and access to a secluded portion of Kovalam Beach, this 5-star beach resort in Kovalam knows how to immerse the honeymooners.

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Tawang, India's medieval city, is known for its monastery and its rich history, with its attractions and honeymoon experiences spanning back to the grey corridors of time.

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Lakshadweep offers a memorable honeymoon with glittering water, sand, beaches, luxurious resorts, and adventure. Experience romance with kite surfing at Kadmat Island, where cool breeze ruffles hair.

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