May 14, 2024

Explore The Taste Of Andhra Pradesh

Mirapakaya Bajji, a popular snack in Andhra Pradesh, is filled with tamarind pulp, salt, and spices, served with peanut, coriander, or coconut chutney.

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Pesarattu is a dosa-like preparation from Andhra Pradesh, made with green gram and served as a snack or breakfast. It's made by soaking the gram in water, making a paste with green chilies.

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Small Chakodi made from rice flour are extremely rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, especially the brain-giving vitamin B1 (thiamine).

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Paalakaayalu, a crunchy Andhra savoury made with rice flour, coconut, chili powder, salt, and hing, is enjoyed with tea and prepared during Janmashtmi celebrations.

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Punugulu is a popular street food in the state, a deep-fried snack made with rice, urad dal, and spices, often served with peanut or coconut chutney.

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Aratikaya, meaning raw banana, and Vepudu, meaning stir fry, is a spicy dish made with plantains, onions, spices, and topped with a cumin-spicy tadka.

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Medu vada, a popular South Indian breakfast snack, is a doughnut-shaped delicacy with a crispy exterior and soft interior, typically consumed as a breakfast or snack.

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