March 17, 2024Republic Lifestyle Desk

Holi 2024: Rangoli Hacks To Make Your Celebrations Colourful

One of the common rangoli designs that people make in their homes, it is bright in nature and adds vibrancy to the Holi festivities. You may use bright shades of blue and green to make it look bright

Source: simple_rangoli/Instagram

It is one of the safest and organic ways to make rangoli at home. You may use various flowers of different colours. The petals can be cut in desired shapes to add more beauty to the overall rangoli.

Source: Varinder Chawla

Floral designs add variety of floral designs to the rangoli. This can ensure that we can converge to make a beautiful shape to transform the living space. It is one of the hacks to create a design.

Source: Cosmic Daughter

You may use the bright pink and white colours that can enhance the look of room. Making distinct lotus designs for the Holi that are easy to make, and can also look bright in the room.

Source: shital_rangolis/instagram

If you want an easy and effective idea to make rangoli. You may use flowers and align them accordingly with Diwali lamps to transform a corner of the room.

Source: shital_rangolis/instagram

Depict the love story of Radha and Krishna through a Rangoli design You can use the signature colours like red and blue, and intricate patterns to create their images and decorate them.

Source: dhenkanal.timesanditishree_mohanty63/instagram

An abstract rangoli is a creative and modern design that is perfect to experiment with different shapes and colours. You can use a combination of geometric shapes and bright colours.

Source: Sneha Nair/instagram