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Japanese Exercises To Stay Fit And Healthy

Roll-ups are effective exercises targeting belly fat and building core strength.Lie down on a mat, extend arms overhead, and engage core muscles for 10 repetitions for three sets.


Taiso, a traditional Japanese calisthenics routine, involves stretching, aerobic exercises, and strength training for full-body engagement, starting with a five-minute jog.

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Similar to the Russian Twist, the Ball Twist targets belly fat, tones muscles, and enhances back and arm strength. Sit on the floor with feet flat and knees bent, holding a medicine ball.

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Reverse crunches target abdominal muscles and reduce stomach fat by lying on your back, knees towards chest, exhaling, and lifting hips off the ground.

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Roll-ups are effective exercises for targeting belly fat and building core strength. They involve lying down on a mat, extending arms overhead, and engaging core muscles for 10 repetitions.

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Sumo squat targets all lower-body muscles, including quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings, similar to regular squats.

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To add lunges to your Japanese exercise routine, stand with feet hip-width apart, step forward with your right foot, bend at the waist, and touch your left toes. Repeat for 3 sets of 12 lunges.

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