November 20, 2023Republic Lifestyle Desk

Makeup Hacks for your wedding look

If your makeup tends to cling to your oily skin, you should use a triangle makeup puff and loose powder to reapply your makeup.

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Blotting paper is your best buddy if you have extremely oily skin. Blotting paper can help absorb excessive oil without requiring additional makeup to be applied on top.

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After cleansing and toning, a suitable moisturizing product will not only assist in brightening and smoothing out your skin, but it will also soften it and prepare it for concealer and foundation.

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Pre-wedding events often last for hours, leaving little to no time for touch-ups. To tackle that you need quality long-wear lipstick.

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If your goal is a more natural look, a simpler regimen, and less product, bronzers are a fantastic way to give the face and neck more dimension.

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