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Must Try Iranian Dishes

Ghormeh Sabzi is a Persian herb stew made with herbs, spinach, kidney beans, stew meat, Persian dried limes and fenugreek so it's gluten and casein-free.

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Chelo kebab, a popular dish in Kolkata, consists of a simple dish with a fried egg, mutton, and chicken kebabs, and is a staple during homecoming rituals.

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Fasenjan is a traditional Persian stew featuring chicken in a pomegranate molasses and walnut sauce, renowned for its unique flavor balance.

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Tahchin is an Iranian rice dish with rice, yogurt, saffron, eggs, and barberries, with some elaborate versions adding chicken, vegetables, fish, or red meat.

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Kashke Bademjan is a fermented yogurt, buttermilk, or sour milk dessert made by shaping and drying it, and can be shaped into various shapes.

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Zereshk polo is a Persian dish featuring steamed rice, layered with or topped with barberries, a sweet and sour combination of sugar and bloomed saffron water.

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Baghali Rice, a Persian Dill Rice, is made with fava beans, broad beans, or lima beans, and is made with frozen lima beans and dried dill for year-round enjoyment.

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