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Regional Curries From India To Savour

Tambuli, tambli, or thambli recipes are Karnataka-style dishes prepared in Karavali and Malnad regions. They include curd-based salads, raita, mosaru bajii, and pachadi.

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Pachi Pulusu is a summer Kamareddy dish from Telangana made with tamarind juice, onions, dried red chilies, cumin seeds, curry leaves, and jaggery, making it more spicy and light.

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Tomato pachadi, a classic Andhra Pradesh dish made from fresh tomatoes, tamarind, and spices, is a spicy and sour meal enjoyed with breakfast and main meals.

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Chicken tikka masala is a popular Indian dish featuring roasted marinated chicken chunks in a creamy, orange-colored sauce, popularized by Indian cooks in Great Britain.

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Goan fish curry is a traditional Goan recipe that requires white flesh fish, tamarind paste, grated coconut, green chilies, onion, refined oil, water, and spices for a delicious flavours.

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Chana masala, originating in northern India, is a popular dish with regional variations, combining chickpea and spices in Indian cooking.

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Chana masala, also called chole masala, is believed to have originated in northern India. “Chana” means chickpea and “masala” refers to a blend of spices used in Indian cooking.