December 16, 2023Republic Lifestyle Desk

Secret Santa 2023: Thoughtful gifts to give to your colleagues on the special day

If your job requires sitting for long hours, consider gifting your colleague pillows to provide good backrests.

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For colleagues who tend to forget things unless noted down, a planner or table diary makes for an ideal Secret Santa gift.

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For the party animals in your team buy a good speaker to play the best music in your next gathering.

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Some colleagues in every team are self-obsessed and take regular trips to the restroom to fix their looks. Save their time by gifting them an easy-to-carry, table mirror.

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Books make for a thoughtful gift for almost everyone. All you need to do is figure out what kind of books your elf likes and voila you can get the perfect gift.

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Scented candles last long and give the perfect festive feel. Gift your colleague scented candles to kickstart the Christmas feeling.

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