December 16, 2023Aryan Suraj Chadha

IPL El Clasico: Rohit Sharma vs MS Dhoni head-to-head records as captain

As captain of Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Dhoni secured a record 11 appearances in IPL finals, emerging victorious five times.

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Rohit Sharma, current Indian team captain and former Mumbai Indians captain, has also enjoyed significant success, winning the IPL five times.

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Despite their notable successes, the debate over the superior captain between MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma persists, particularly within the context of the IPL.

Source: BCCI

MS Dhoni (CSK/RPS) has played 226 matches with a win percentage of 58.84%, winning 133 and losing 91 games.

Source: BCCI

Rohit Sharma (MI) has led in 158 matches with a win percentage of 55.06%, winning 87 matches and losing 67.

Source: BCCI

Dhoni has played 243 matches, scoring 6211 runs with an average of 29.58, while Rohit Sharma has played 250 matches, amassing 5082 runs with an average of 38.79.

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Dhoni has hit 257 sixes and 554 fours, while Rohit has 349 fours and 239 sixes, indicating higher boundary-scoring ability.

Source: BCCI/IPL

In terms of win percentage, Dhoni's 59.37% outperforms Sharma's 56.32%.

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