December 3, 2023Prateek Arya

John Cena's iconic rivalries in WWE

One of the rivalries that brought John Cena at the forefront was against Triple H. Cena made Triple H tap out at WrestleMania 21.

Source: WWE

John Cena elevated the stature of CM Punk in WWE. The two came across in the ring many a times.


Brock Lesnar the beast met super Cena after WrestleMania 28. The two have fought a number of times and each time Cena has showcased his prowess against Lesnar.


Kurt Angle was the first superstar John Cena had a match against. The clash was the face of the ruthless aggression segment.

Source: Kurt Angle

Randy Orton may go down as the biggest rival of John Cena in WWE.

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