January 21, 2024Aryan Suraj Chadha

Rohit Sharma's record vs England in Tests

Between 2013 and 2024, Rohit Sharma participated in 54 matches, accumulating 3737 runs with a highest score of 212. He maintained an average of 45.57, scoring 10 centuries.

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He also secured 2 wickets with a best bowling performance of 1/26. Additionally, Rohit demonstrated exceptional fielding with 54 catches and 0 stumpings.

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Against England from 2014 to 2021, Sharma played 9 matches, scoring 747 runs, with a highest score of 161.

Source: PTI

He maintained an outstanding batting average of 49.80 and secured 2 centuries.

Source: BCCI

He also took 1 wicket with a best bowling performance of 1/26, and made 8 catches in the field.

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Specific to matches against England, Rohit Sharma has displayed consistent performance and contributed significantly to the Indian Test team.

Source: AP