January 8, 2024Prateek Arya

Top-3: Superstars who can win WWE Royal Rumble 2024

Brock Lesnar could return to WWE soon. The Royal Rumble 2024 would be a perfect platform and return. He could also come back to the WWE title scene with a victory.

Source: Brock lesnar

CM Punk has announced that he will participate in this year's Royal Rumble. Considering the stature of Punk, he could get a push with a win.

Source: WWE

There are speculations about The Rock returning to Royal Rumble. If it turn happens then he may go on to become the last man standing.

Source: WWE

Roman Reigns can shock the WWE universe with his entry at Rumble. What if he comes in as No.30 and leave as the champion and as the Royal Rumble winner.

Source: AP