February 8, 2024Republic Sports Desk

Top-4: Crazy ideas for WWE WrestleMania 40

We all know CM Punk is out injured and would miss the show of shows. But what if it is just a small ploy of a big revelation. What if he comes out in a mask and target Seth at the event.

Source: WWE

"WeWantCody" is a movement that is still going everywhere. What if Cody Rhodes interferes in the Rock vs Roman Reigns match and to the surprise of everyone helps Reigns retain the title.

Source: WWE

What if Seth Rollins issues an open challenge at WrestleMania and who answers it? Yes! the Dirty Deeds. The return of Dean Ambrose will break the roof.

Source: wwe.com

Last but not least, what if Brock Lesnar comes out and addresses the controversy and he says he wants the use to dais to apologise to absolutely no one. What say?

Source: WWE