December 9, 2023Prateek Arya

Top-5 WWE superstars of current roster

Drew McIntyre has emerged as a dominating force in the last half a decade. He is one of the main-event superstars in the current roster.

Source: WWE

Cody Rhodes has received a major push ever since he has retuned to the WWE. He headlined WrestleMania 39, and remains in the main event scene every week.

Source: codyrhodes/instagram

Randy Orton is back after a long injury layoff, and there is no blemish on his status. He is still a top guy in WWE.

Source: WWE`

WWE Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has been an active champion, and his every match turns out to be an enthralling one.


Roman Reigns is The Guy of WWE right now. The Tribal chief has held the WWE Title for over two years, and at present nobody seems to challenge him.