January 21, 2024Aryan Suraj Chadha

Virat Kohli's record vs England in Tests

Virat Kohli's Test career from 2011 to 2024 spans 113 matches, 8848 runs, and an impressive average of 49.15 with 29 centuries.

Source: BCCI

Kohli's highest test score is 254* and he has showcased exceptional fielding with 111 catches and 0 stumpings.

Source: AP

Against England (2012-2022), Kohli participated in 28 matches, scoring 1991 runs, maintaining an average of 42.36, and securing 5 centuries.

Source: BCCI/X

In matches against England, Kohli also exhibited strong fielding with 25 catches and 0 stumpings, without taking any wickets.

Source: BCCI

Throughout his career, Kohli has demonstrated consistent performance and impactful contributions to the Indian Test team.

Source: X